Digital Creatorz Case Study | Digital Marketing Training Surat

Digital Creatorz Case Study | Digital Marketing Training Surat

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Flashback of Khilan Dadawala

BCA and MBA graduate who tried his hands on many different jobs and businesses was not finding his interest anywhere. He was looking to stabilize his career in a field where he not only can find his interest but also can grow substantially.

The Problem

Finding the right career option was the biggest challenge for Khilan. He met Bhautik Sheth to discuss the scope and opportunity in this field. To give one more kick to his measurable professional history, he decided to do Digital Marketing Course

What Khilan Said

“Right now I am implementing my knowledge of Digital Marketing. Previously I had no idea and knowledge of digital marketing but once going through the course and going deeper into the subject, I am confidently doing it for my business. I have started my company of digital marketing and for the first 6 months, I did a proper analysis. After that, I started getting the result for my company. I have done SEO for my own website. Before starting my business, when I was doing a job, I was little aware of social media marketing but now I know how to run campaigns. After my job, I got the placement in a company and I learned a lot in my job as well.”


Khilan is now running his own company of digital marketing. He is also teaching computers to school students. Getting confidence was a key for him to move ahead and that is what he got after completing our Digital Marketing Course!