How we work?


We work in a very simple yet effective manner. When it comes to digital marketing, we do not talk only about the platforms, but we start drawing the lines from business model. If the business model is unclear or vague, a business can not succeed with digital marketing execution. Starting from the Digital Marketing Need Assessment till monthly reporting, we include our clients in every process.

Why process is important?

Organization runs on the processes and sub-processes. Different management functions are the part of these processes of the organization. Marketing is one of the functions of the management and digital marketing is one of the methods of doing marketing. The processes clearly defined at the highest level of the organization till the bottom level helps in better execution. Well defined processes guarantee the execution of the marketing strategies and that generates the desired results.

Process we follow

  • Business Need Analysis and Audit: We learn about the major functions of the business of our clients first – including the human resource. This step gives us the deep insights and knowledge about the business that helps in build the solid foundation.
  • Strategy Formulation and Execution: On the basis of the need analysis, our team of experts start working on formulating the first draft of strategy. After discussing with the client, we complete the blueprint of strategy and execute according.
  • Analysing the result: The continuous monitoring the result is very important for constant growth of the business. We do weekly and monthly monitoring of the results. The same we share with the clients for their feedback.
  • Reformulating Strategy: By slicing and dicing the data, we continuously work on reformulating the strategy. Reformulation of strategy mainly based on the objective of the business.