Full-stack Digital Marketing

The Concept

To establish a comprehensive digital framework that unifies marketing and sales functions, we aim to develop a customised approach.

We are at the forefront of driving digital transformation for businesses, specializing in comprehensive consulting services, data integration planning, and digital solutions. Our mission is to deliver tangible and measurable results, empowering our clients to thrive in the digital era. With a strategic emphasis on expanding digital footprints, we guide businesses through a transformative journey while fostering sustainability and long-term success.

Scope of Work

Digital Audit &

An in-depth audit of digital assets is essential for creating a strong foundation, optimizing performance, and ensuring that marketing efforts align with business goals. It serves as a strategic tool to unlock the full potential of digital marketing initiatives.

Digital Brand Building

Focusing on aligning brands with market positions, focusing on digital brand building through establishing a unique brand voice, fostering digital thought leadership, and ensuring consistent representation across digital platforms.

Digital Asset Optimization

elevates brand presence through meticulous audits of digital platforms, paving the way for brand identity establishment, and optimizing assets like social media handles, digital content, and website structure.

Digital Content
Design and Making

It crafts comprehensive digital content, including social media, micro videos, copywriting, event design, video/photoshoots, and addressing diverse communication requirements.

Organic -
Website and Social Media

strategically plans monthly organic marketing activities through planned content distribution, encompassing website optimization with technical and link-building activities along with blog writing.

Digital Ads

seamlessly integrates strategic planning, design, and execution of digital ad campaigns with annual marketing goals. The campaign spans META Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Snapchat Ads, OTT ads on self-served platforms, and Microsoft Ads.

In-house Team Training

creating a skilled and cohesive team that adapts to market dynamics, ensuring a synchronized approach for maximizing effectiveness and driving revenue growth through unified brand strategies.

Industries We've Worked With

Various industries where we have provided our best digital marketing service in India
Various industries where we have provided our best digital marketing service in India

Meet Our Full-stack Digital Marketing Head

Isha Modi

Principle Consultant

Ms. Isha Modi has an MBA in Marketing with over 8 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. In her tenure, she has served 100+ clients so far and manages a team of 20 core members. She is a Sr manager- client service & digital strategies at iVIPANAN. Her expertise includes constructing digital strategies, business model restructuring, and campaign planning.

  • Nominated in 30U30 by Social Samosa 2019
  • Won 30U30 by Agency Reporter 2021
  • She has worked with brands like Hari Krishna Exports, Ajay's, HLE Glascoat, Summirow Dental, Paramount Looms, Anita Diamonds, Nirmal Hospital, Eyesdeal, La Pino'z, Shanti Asiatic School, Taste of Bhagwati, Artham Finserve, Donate Life and many others.

Our Results

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