Google Educator for School Teachers

Exclusive workshop for school teachers

The technological intervention in the school education is the need of the time and the smart classroom is not limited to AV classrooms only. We train the teachers to use the Google Apps in school pedagogy.

The focus of the workshop

Like any other industry in India, the education industry is facing an uplift too. Teachers are the backbone of our society and they must be well acquainted with the technological use in the classroom. The focus of the workshop would be on training the teachers to make them well equipped with apps of Google. Teachers can learn the different apps of Google and integrate it easily with their day-to-day classroom teaching.

Key takeaway from the Workshop

  • Understanding the various platforms of Google
  • How to integrate the Google apps
  • Involving students for using the apps
  • Primary and secondary use of the Google platforms

Inquire for the Google Educator Workshop

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