Introduction Of Case  

Ajay’s Good Food celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 with a unique and engaging online campaign centred around their frothy & yummy cold coffee!

The campaign proceeded with “Te mara mate coffee kem mangavi?” (Why did you order coffee for me?) and aimed to showcase the playful and witty side of the relationship between women and men in their lives.

With a creative visual strategy and a call to action for user-generated content, the campaign successfully connected with its audience and received an overwhelming response.

About the Brand

Ajay’s is more than just a QSR chain; it is synonymous with quality, taste, and innovation. With over 135+ franchisee-owned stores in Gujarat, Ajay’s Good Food is quickly establishing itself as the go-to destination for foodies of all ages. From their super-fast and excellent cold coffee to their delicious burgers and flavourful pizzas, Ajay’s offers a wide range of delicious dishes that cater to the taste buds of all.

Campaign Analysis

iVIPANAN looked closely at the reach and engagement that surrounded Ajay’s UGC. And, thus a campaign needed to be brewed that perfectly mixed user engagement and an internationally celebrated day! So, with brewing ideas, loads of witty & appealing content strategies, and asking what the audiences love most (clicking pictures), the social media team at iVIPANAN developed just the right recipe for an extraordinary Women’s Day Campaign.

The Campaign

The campaign aimed to showcase the fun and light-hearted aspect of relationships between men and women, highlighting the importance of humour in keeping relationships healthy and happy. It encouraged men to buy cold coffee for the women in their lives (Mom, Sister, Wife, Girlfriend…), anticipating their witty response to the question, “Why did you order coffee for me?”

Ajay’s team and iVIPANAN selected the best answers, and the winners were announced on social media.

The campaign was executed through different creative visuals. To make it hit the right audience, we used other emotions any woman would display when a cup of cold coffee was presented to her, like asking lovingly, getting angry, and even exquisitely asking the reason behind the surprise beverage.

To participate in the campaign, men were required to fill out a form that collected their name, mobile number, city/town, a picture of the woman with Ajay’s cold coffee, and their witty answer to the question. Google links and every social media campaign communication were provided for final participation.

Now…a time to set the motion in action! But why would someone send us their pictures that too with ladies? Wait, we had it sorted out as well!

18 Winners would get a Stainless-Steel Water Bottle courtesy of Ajay’s.

And other participants would win a Food Voucher worth Rs.100/- exclusive to Ajay’s.



The Result

Bang on! The result was as expected. Who could resist a deadly combination of Ajay’s cold coffee, clicking selfies, and a chance to get awesome gifts?

The contest ran from 1st March to 12th March and gained over 2 Lakh impressions on Facebook alone. And another 3 Lakh plus impressions on Instagram. So, all in all, a whopping 5+ Lakh impressions on all social media handles.

We got 120+ entries, each with unique and witty answers! In its 12 days of run, we spent just 3,000 Rs on Ads, and everything else was just ORGANIC!

Amazing right?!

We were so impressed by the outcome and witty answers we received that at the end of the contest, we awarded the 18 best answers with gifts & 120+ entries with a Food Voucher worth Rs.100/-!

Phew! What a contest!