Clients Details

Eyesdeal Stores is a premium quality eyewear brand with 16 outlets across Gujarat. The brand boasts an exclusive collection of   trendy,   classic, and fashionable designer frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, and Blueshield glasses at an affordable rate.

Problems in Brief & Analysis

Eyesdeal was looking forward to furthering its franchise business model. They wanted a sure-shot marketing strategy that helped them   gain   the   necessary branding to attract individuals to own their franchise. That’s when our social media team took the matter into their own hands.

Solution of the problem


Eyesdeal already has a remarkable presence on Facebook. Their plan  was clear – to generate quality B2B leads for the franchise. The page  has  engaged users between 25-40-year-old males, a promising age  for  budding entrepreneurs. The numbers and criteria stuck with us. We were assured that a strategic   Facebook   Ad   Campaign needed to be planned that targeted the desired age group and also the desired location. A plan was brewed. 

As the plan was brewing in the cunning brains of our social media team, they covered all the necessary backend information. We needed exact customer data who were interested in the franchisee-owned business idea. Upon a thorough and meticulous audit, we got our hands on them. So, our team laid out the customer-centric Ad plan. We marked the locations that needed to be targeted, individuals who fit this criterion, page-specific retargeting list, lookalike, rule-based custom audience, and most importantly, the job profiles of users eligible for the franchise model.

The designing team worked towards creating an eye-catching ad copy, and everyone else held their breaths.


The Ad campaign was shot. The campaign ran for 15 days from Feb- Mar 2022. Per our expectation, the ad campaign gained approximately 57k impressions and 230 odd, unique leads! The client got quality leads from pan India, majorly from metropolitan cities. What was the budget? Only 5000 Rs!  What  was the CPL? Only 22 Rs!


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