Online Reputation Management Workshop

Why ORM Workshop

Customers are not replying these days, they are reacting – especially on social media. Hospitality industry is facing the most challenging time. While customers can outburst their frustration on personal blogs, public platforms, consumer complain sites or social media, the management must know how to tackle the situation. The workshop aims to prepare the top to bottom level employees of the company to handle the situation wisely to manage the corporate reputation.

The focus of the workshop

The focus of the ORM workshop is to train the staff members of the hotel or other industry organizations to learn and understand the importance of the reputation over internet. Spending lots of money in marketing without considering the concern for the reputation kills the rest of the marketing efforts too.

Key takeaway from the Workshop

  • Understanding the Corporate Reputation
  • Engaging on ground activities with virtual reactions
  • How to get good remarks on social media by customers
  • Bottom level executives’ role in managing the reputation
  • Precaution and monitoring of activities to maintain the reputation
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Role of corporate blog in ORM

Inquire for the ORM Workshop

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