The Foundation

Bhautik Sheth laid the foundation of iVIPANAN in 2014 as a solopreneur. The journey towards establishing this digital marketing company began in 2005. During his college days studying MCA, he started writing blogs. The first time he realised the power of content. In 2008, he started running Google Ads campaigns and further expanded his social media marketing and SEO knowledge.
Founder of Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in Surat

The experience provided him with valuable insights into the realm of Internet marketing.
In 2012, he went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and conducted a digital marketing workshop at the university. There he realised the need to grow this industry in Asia.
This transformative experience prompted him to analyse the market needs and educate the local businesses about the vital role digital marketing would play in their future success, professionally and personally.
Since its inception, the company has grown steadily, making a significant impact by helping local and international businesses to understand and leverage the power of digital marketing for their growth and success.

The Journey

Journey of the Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Company in Surat

Core Values We Live With


We prioritise building solid relationships with our clients, as trust forms the foundation for long-term sustainability.


We are dedicated to delivering on our promises, driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence.


We promise honest & transparent communication to achieve better client results and healthy relationships for all stakeholders.

People First

Our team & clients are our priority. We foster a solid relationship with them to increase the sense of belongingness.

Customer Centricity

We prioritise our clients and tailor our services to meet their needs. Working in a team with them helps us achieve the goal.


Including people in different stages of decision-making is essential. Their input adds value to result-oriented task.


Our Brand Voice

The logo of iVIPANAN symbolises our services. The "i" represents 'Internet' or 'Digital' and "VIPANAN" (विपणन) means 'Marketing' in Sanskrit and Hindi. Together it evokes the essence of 'Digital Marketing" or "Internet Marketing".

Orange Color: The vibrant orange colour embodies affordability, creativity, enthusiasm, fun, high-spiritedness, and youthfulness. It exudes excitement and warmth, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for our valued customers.

Blue Colour: The serene blue colour signifies authority, calmness, confidence, dignity, establishment, loyalty, power, success, and trustworthiness. It instils peace and trust, fostering a secure and reliable relationship with our stakeholders.

Brand Logo of most trusted digital marketing agency in India

Our Process

Our organisation thrives on efficient processes and sub-processes. Marketing, a crucial management function, finds its edge in digital marketing—a method that drives results. From top to bottom, our well-defined processes ensure flawless execution and departmental synergy, ensuring marketing strategies’ success and delivering the desired outcomes.

Method to start Digital Marketing
Method to start Digital Marketing

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