Introduction Of Case

Noble Public School is one of the most prominent schools of Surat operating in ParvatPatiya area. The school is very popular among the parents living in that area and offering Gujarati and English medium education.



Clients Details

NPS is one of the most renowned and reputed schools in Surat, affiliated with GSEB board. The school caters to both, English and Gujarati medium modes of education. NPS is a place where you find excellence in academic rigors coupled with the right environment. Ar NPS, we make sure all the academic and non-academic activities help develop the child’s overall personality.



 Problems in Brief & Analysis

 So, what is the biggest challenge when you are managing social media page for schools? Involving teachers, students, and parents in various activities? No. Vacations!! Yes, everyone including students, teachers, and parents are in holiday mood. And you’ve too less activities compared to the time when schools are on. This year in 2018, while working on schools’ social media, we felt this challenge.

Solution of the problem

We decided not to fall down the user engagement graph of the page and let it keep growing even during vacation durations. We started a social media campaign called “Parents kiPariksha” where we asked them basic questions, and users started getting engaged with these activities. They participated in comments, and share the posts and we got great exposure in terms of page engagement.

This social media campaign became a win-win situation for everyone. Parents took part enthusiastically in the campaigns and appreciated this activity. Also, the school decided to facilitate the participants and winners.



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