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Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., under the visionary leadership of its founder, Mr. Savji Dholakia, is not merely a name in the diamond industry; it’s a brand of integrity and sustainability.

Founded in 1992, the company has evolved into a multifaceted entity, excelling in the manufacturing, exporting, wholesaling, and retailing of diamonds and jewellery.
Focused on principles of ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing, the company has set benchmarks for transforming diamonds from mines to markets.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a dedicated focus on sustainability, Hari Krishna Exports also has a sustainable hand through its philanthropic vertical, the Dholakia Foundation. With a legacy spanning 30+ years, Hari Krishna Exports has carved a niche by prioritising sustainability and traceability in its operations.

Problems in Brief & Analysis

Digital Transformation Initiation

The company intervened during the initial phase of digital transformation for the Hari Krishna Exports & Dholakia Foundation.

Social Media Amplification

Enhanced social media presence through customised strategies and precise execution.

Focused SEO for the Global market

Implement SEO strategies primarily focusing on the US and UAE markets to maximise visibility and engagement.

Distinct Entity Presence

Establish an individual online presence for Hari Krishna Exports and Dholakia Foundation while maintaining symmetry.

Solution Offered

Social Media Marketing

Customized social media marketing campaigns designed to amplify the presence across various platforms. Strategic execution of social media initiatives to engage with the target audience, foster brand loyalty, and showcase the brands' commitment to sustainability and excellence.

Search Engine Optimization

We have implemented SEO strategies to enhance online visibility and rankings, primarily focusing on the US and UAE markets. SEO ensured high visibility in search engine results, driving targeted traffic and increasing brand awareness.


We strategize the the marketing communication theme for the social media, ad copy and emailers. We also created the coffee table books for their two crucial events, of UN Water Conference and Pdma Awardees Get together.

Marketing RevOps

We've helped the brand improve their revenue by aligning sales, marketing, and customer success operations. Through streamlined processes and technology integration, we could witness the lift of their digital presence.

How did We Achieve?

Organic Approach

All achievements were attained organically, emphasising genuine audience research, content creation, engagement, and growth.

Strategic Campaigns

Implemented strategic campaigns like Sparkling Christmas and 31 Successful Years of Hari Krishna Exports to drive specific audience.

Personalised Event Coverage

Provided personalised LIVE content coverage of ground events in Surat and Dudhala for Padma Awardee gatherings 2023.

Effective digital PR management

Managed the digital PR section of the company proficiently, ensuring positive brand representation and media coverage.

Innovative Idea Generation

Suggested innovative ideas to diversify content and marketing strategies, keeping the audience engaged and intrigued.

Comprehensive Support

The combination of these efforts contributed to the overall success, amplifying brand presence and achieving desired outcomes.

Results : Social Media


  •  Content Engagement: notable increase from 13.3k to 18.8k interactions.
  • Link Clicks: Witnessed a substantial surge from 147 to 609 clicks
  • Profile Visitors: Saw a significant rise in profile visitors from 11.7k to 26.6k.


Website Link Clicks (Organic): Achieved 582 link clicks
Followers increased (Organic): Successfully gained 2.5k new followers,

Content Engagement (Organic): 16.4k engagements on content

Story Impressions (Organic): Impressed a broad audience with 530k story views

Story Reach (Organic): reach of 522k on Instagram stories

Profile Visitors (Organic): 60k profile visitors.


  • Generated 54K website clicks

  • Followers increased (Organic): by 8.1K

  • Content Engagement (Organic): 20.8k interactions on content

  • Total Unique Visitors (Organic): Attracted 16.1k unique visitors to the brand’s LinkedIn profile, indicating interest and exploration.

    Total Impressions (Organic): Achieved 695.7k impressions, enhancing brand visibility and exposure among the LinkedIn audience.

Facebook Analytics

Instagram Analytics

Total Post Metrics

Total Engagement Metrics

Results : SEO

Total Visibility Gain on Google:

  • Cumulative visibility surge of 2.37 million impression on Google within a year.

Google Rankings for 1000+ Keywords:

  • Achieved a significant improvement in Google rankings for over 1000+ keywords.

Impressive Website Traffic Surge:

  • Attracted an impressive 163,352 visitors within 12 months

“User’s visiting dashboard” data increased from 5000 to 23000 YoY, a whopping 360% increase.

“Users visiting new registration page” data surged from 10 to 1175 YoY, indicating a substantial 11650% growth.

“Users confirming registering on buy diamond portal” data rose from 1500 to 5000 YoY, reflecting a remarkable 233.33% increase.

New vs. Returning Visitors:

  • New visitors grew by approximately 20%, from 136,000 to 163,000.
  • Returning visitors increased by 36%, from 116,000 to 158,000.

Brand's Visibility on Google

New & Returning Visitors Comparision

Quora Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Ground Event Coverage by our Team

Coffee Table Book for the National & Global Events

Coffee Table Book coverage for

UN Water Conference

Coffee Table Book coverage for

Padma Awardees Get-together

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