Client's Details

Ajay’s, a leading and trusted Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain with 140+ outlets across 38 cities as of August 2023, aims to provide good, affordable, accessible food. Comprising a dynamic team of young professionals, Ajay’s focuses on delivering hygienic and pocket-friendly cold coffee, a variety of burgers, french fries and pizzas. Seeking to enhance brand awareness and amplify its digital presence, Ajay’s partnered with iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services to elevate its journey in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Digital Marketing for QSR

Problems in Brief & Analysis

Digital Brand Visibility & Facilitate the opening of Increase Footfalls

Encourage the B2B Model for more franchise locations

Periodic Campaigns to distinguish the brand from competitors.

Brand Penetration through enhanced digital strategies.

Solution Offered with Services


Crafting visually engaging content and dynamic campaigns to attract the vibrant youth demographic, resonating with their interests and online behaviours.


Elevating B2B businesses through strategic LinkedIn marketing significantly boosts the franchise model by fostering valuable connections within the professional community.


Enhancing search visibility and driving increased organic traffic, our SEO services elevate the website’s online presence, ensuring it stands out in the digital landscape.


Establishing trust and credibility in the B2B sector through insightful blog content, engaging the audience and providing valuable industry insights to foster a stronger connection.


Utilizing YouTube to keep the brand presence intact, sharing the company’s journey, fostering community engagement, and promoting services visually compellingly.

Marketing Campaign : #BurgeReels

Campaign Details

  • Objective: Increase the visibility of Ajay’s products and the brand by encouraging users to create Instagram reels featuring Ajay’s burgers with the hashtag #BurgeReels.

  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Campaign Type: User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaign

  • Advertising Spend: Meta Ads Spend = Only 1K INR, emphasising organic reach for cost-effectiveness.


  • All participants received a 100 INR Food Voucher as a token of appreciation.

Surprise Vouchers were awarded to the winners with the most engaging and creative reels.


  • 1st Winner:  Achieved an impressive 1M+ Plays and garnered 133K+ Likes.
  • 1st Runner Up:  Generated 3500+ Plays and received 740+ Likes.
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Secured 1400+ Plays and accumulated 35 Likes.
BUrgeReels Social Media Marketing UGC Campaign for a QSR

Marketing Campaign : Bond of Love

Campaign Details


The “Bond of Love” campaign was a heartwarming endeavour strategically planned to coincide with the festivals of Rakshabandhan and Friendship Day.
Spanning 10 days,  it aimed to celebrate the beautiful bonds shared between siblings and friends.
Participants were encouraged to showcase their connections with Ajay’s, capturing moments that reflect love, friendship, and the brand’s essence.

Objective of the Campaign

  • Showcase the unique bonds shared during Rakshabandhan and Friendship Day.
  • Encourage participants to click pictures highlighting Ajay’s creativity.
  • Write a sentence describing the special bond showcased in the picture.
  • Duration: 15 days of engagement and participation.
    Campaign Type: User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaign.
  • Advertisement Spend:
    A cost-effective approach with an investment of only 4K INR on Facebook and Instagram ads.


  • Achieved a remarkable 8.5 lakh impressions during the campaign.


  • Account reach experienced a phenomenal increase of 6961%.
  • Profile visits surged by 122%.
  • Website taps witnessed an 88.4% increase, directing traffic to Ajay’s online presence.
  • Account engagement soared by an impressive 217%.
  • The content interaction average witnessed a significant rise of 119%.
Bond of Love Social Media Marketing Campaign for a QSR by best digital marketing agency in Surat

Marketing Campaign : તે મારા માટે કૉફી કેમ મંગાવી❓

Campaign Details


In celebration of Women’s Day, the campaign “તે મારા માટે કૉફી કેમ મંગાવી❓” was launched, aiming to engage the male audience in expressing appreciation and affection towards the women in their lives. This one-week User-Generated Content (UGC) initiative proved to be a creative and interactive endeavor.

Objective of the Campaign

  • Encompassed the essence of Women’s Day by creating a platform for male participants to express love and appreciation for the women in their lives.
    Engaged the male audience, fostering meaningful connections within the community.

Duration: 1 Week

UGC Campaign Entries: 120+

Winners: 18


  • Participants received a 100 INR Food Voucher, fostering brand loyalty.
  • Winners were honored with a Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Bottle, adding a tangible, memorable element to the reward.


  • Meta Ads Investment: Only 3K & 3.7K Link Clicks

  • Achieved impressive results with a minimal investment in meta ads.

  • Generated 3.7K link clicks, showcasing the campaign’s resonance.

  • Account Reach Increased by: 30%

  • Significantly enhanced account reach, broadening the campaign’s impact.
Te Mara Mate Coffee Kem Manghavi Women's Day Campaign by social media marketing agency in Surat

Agantuk Movie Promotion

Campaign Details

The collaboration between Ajay’s and the Gujarati movie “Aagantuk” marked an innovative venture to synergize the essence of storytelling and gastronomy. Through a strategic partnership, a unique campaign was curated to promote the movie while simultaneously fostering Ajay’s brand image. The campaign, titled “Aagantuk,” unfolded as a creative journey intertwining the cinematic realm with the delectable offerings of Ajay’s.

Objective:Integrate Ajay’s brand seamlessly with the promotion of the Gujarati movie “Aagantuk.”Format:Storytelling Creative Memes Series from Movie Trailers.


  • Impressions:

Generated over 10,000 organic impressions, creating a widespread digital presence.

  • Shares:

Facilitated organic engagement with 80+ shares, showcasing the campaign’s virality.


Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved by digital marketing of QSR in Surat

Tropical Trends and Memes Creatives

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