Shruti Sheth, the founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Agency in Surat giving job promotion letters to Siddhi Jain and Yashi Shah

Siddhi Jain and Yashi Shah Got Job Promotion at iVIPANAN

28 October 2023 witnessed the ninth anniversary of iVIPANAN. The annual performance and award ceremony was celebrated with a Diwali celebration like every year we do. The day brought a surprise for two of our teammates as they got a job promotion on this day.

This year, Siddhi Jain and Yashi Shah from the Social Media and Content department were promoted. Siddhi was promoted to Sr. Manager – Client Service & Strategies position. Yashi got the post of Sr. Specialist – Social Media Strategies. This is the second time promotion for Yashi in the past year.

Siddhi was promoted from Manager – Social Media Strategies post, and Yashi was designated as Specialist-Social Media Strategies earlier. They got a promotion, looking at their fantastic performance this year.

Siddhi has been working with the company since 2016. In over seven years of her endeavour, she has seen remarkable growth. She heads the Social Media and Content department. With this promotion, she will now be working closely with clients. Additionally, she will head the department she has been heading for over three years.

Siddhi has worked as a social media strategist with many national and global brands at iVIPANAN. La Pinoz, Hari Krishna ExportsAnita Diamonds, Dholakia Foundation, Ajay’s, Nirmal Hospital, Eyes Deal dot com, and Sufalam Technologies, to name a few.

Yashi is about to complete her two years in the company. This is her second promotion this year. With her new responsibility, she will work closely with clients on strategies and campaigns.

“I am very excited after getting this news. It was unexpected. Getting a promotion and winning the Soldier of the Year award on the same day is the best thing I could expect this year.”, said Siddhi Jain.

“It’s been a big surprise that I’ve been promoted twice a Year. I really appreciate the trust management has shown in me till now & will work on my fouls that I need to. I Will do my best in the transition phase.”, said Yashi Shah.

With the job promotion, Siddhi won the prestigious ‘Soldier of the Year’ award. She also won ‘Contributor of the Year’, ‘Uplifter of the Year’, and ‘Commander in Chief’ awards. Yashi won ‘Team Player of the Year’ and ‘Colonel of the Year’ awards.