Digital Marketing: The Bright Future Guaranteed for Students

It has been always a great challenge for students to choose the right career after completing their education. The best and easiest source for them to consult is their college seniors and relatives. No wonder most of the students realise it was never their choice what actually they have chosen once they start developing their own interest in the different industry. 

It is also very important to choose the career looking forward to its demand in the future. Actually, the right career for any student starts after five years of doing the job and hence choosing a career in the field which is, though, not as popular or in-demand as on today but definitely, the future of that career looks bright, it is advisable to choose that. 

One such field to choose is – Digital Marketing. Marketing through digital channels is growing tremendously with the emergence of newer concepts and technologies. Particularly, the last 15 years have brought on a paradigm shift in the marketplace. 

The new digital era has drastically changed the way customers decide over their purchasing needs and subsequently, new strategies have come forth. Indian internet population is almost 250 million and India is third largest internet population after China and USA. 

Without digging into more statistical data, we can assume that the CAGR for ad revenues in Digital media for advertising is expected to reach 40% by 2019 which is much higher than ad spend in any other media. Thanks to the growth of smartphones in rural area of the country, more and more people have started using internet and social media too! 

Recent survey said that most of the people are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in rural area. This gives the best opportunity for those businesses which never had focus on rural area. Internet has opened the gates for all the businesses to reach to the deepest part of the country and hence now it becomes possible to take a chance to spread the business to rural parts as well. The growth of E-commerce has been tremendous in last 5-6 years and that gives another reason not to ignore rural areas.

While talking about Digital Marketing as a career, it becomes very important to create an eternal interest in the field of Marketing for any student. Digital Marketing is one of the methods of marketing itself and hence having clear fundamentals of marketing helps adopt this method very easily.

Once you choose marketing as a career, the next step is to get acquired with the different tools of Digital Marketing. Before highlighting what tools to know, I would like to say to all those non-marketing students not to shy away from this career as digital marketing is now ‘must do’ in every business, in any industry. 

If you are finance or HR student or maybe Engineer or following any science stream, please remember that developing skills in digital marketing will always put you ahead than your counterparts. It will help you give something extra to the company in which you are working and you can help the company grow! It is always said that marketing is important for every person of any field but the beauty of digital marketing is that you can sit in the office or at your home and still do marketing on internet!

Talking about different tools of Digital Marketing, I would suggest getting your tightest hold on at least any one tool out of: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing (Email, Blogging, White Paper and Case Study). 

SEO helps businesses bringing their website on the top pages in search engine sites like Google and Bing. Writing some keywords, if you are able to bring the website on the top pages, it helps searchers to visit your website and hence there are more chances of searcher becoming a customer. 

SEM stands for paid advertisement of Google and Bing search engines. Out of several types the most common and popular type of paid marketing is Pay-per-click (PPC). By allotting a reasonable budget on paid campaigns on search engines, you can easily define your segments and target them with the different ads on Search engines and their partner websites. 

SMM includes various Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram which is used extensively for customer engagement, new lead generation and increases website traffic which eventually helps generate the business. Content marketing is a very specific tool which requires good command over English language and understanding of creative writing.

You can master all the above-mentioned tools or at least any one tool in which you can easily create your career. There are almost 8 lacs jobs available in digital marketing all over India which suggests the demand of this emerging field of marketing. 

As demand is increasing for such professionals who can do digital marketing and supply of such professionals is very less, this is the best opportunity for you to master the subject and become the rare supplier of knowledge and skill in this ever-growing field – Digital Marketing!

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