19th Master Digital Marketing Certification Distribution Ceremony after 5 Months Course

iVIPANAN celebrated the 19th Master Digital Marketing Certificate Distribution Ceremony

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and in this era of constant change, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. On 26th August 2023, iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Company proudly celebrated its 19th Master Digital Marketing Certificate Distribution Ceremony, a remarkable event that marked the culmination of dedication, hard work, and achievemzent.

The ceremony was a testament to the commitment of more than 20 professionals who completed the rigorous ‘Master Digital Marketing’ classroom program, a comprehensive 5-month classroom program that equipped them with the skills to conquer the digital realm.

The event was a jubilant affair, filled with applause and pride as graduates walked the stage to receive their well-earned certificates and medals. These certificates represented not just the completion of a course but a journey of growth, transformation, and relentless effort.

A Journey of Mastery
The ‘Master Digital Marketing’ course at iVIPANAN demands dedication, determination, and the willingness to dive deep into the complexities of the digital world. For 5 months, these aspiring professionals absorbed knowledge, honed skills, and embraced challenges. Their journey was not limited to theory; they took their learning to the next level by completing a rigorous 3-month internship on live projects, gaining invaluable real-world experience that set them apart.

Celebrating Achievements
At the heart of this ceremony were the students who had worked tirelessly to reach this milestone. Each received their ‘Master Digital Marketing’ course completion certificates and medals, a tangible representation of their accomplishment. But the recognition didn’t stop there. Every student also proudly received certificates for the ‘Search Marketing’ and the ‘Social Media and Content Marketing’ courses, attesting to their well-rounded expertise.

Unveiling the Superheroes

The highlight of the ceremony was the recognition of outstanding performers. Monika Ghanchi and Anita Gaywala were awarded the prestigious ‘Digital Marketing Superhero’ Award for their exceptional performance throughout the course. Their dedication, creativity, and innovative thinking truly set them apart as the best of the best.

Mrs. Monika Zaveri Ghanchi

Mrs. Anita Gaywala

Guiding Lights
Behind every successful student stands a team of dedicated trainers and mentors. Chief Trainer Bhautik Sheth’s vision and guidance have been instrumental in shaping these professionals. His expertise and insights have illuminated the path to digital mastery. Alongside him, in-house trainers Divya Mistry, Reshma Rohida, and Siddhi Jain have played pivotal roles in imparting knowledge, fostering skills, and nurturing talents.

A Symphony of Support
No journey is complete without unwavering support. Training Head Manisha Srivastava’s continuous dedication and support ensured students had a conducive learning environment and the necessary resources. Her commitment was a driving force that empowered students to achieve excellence.

Guest Trainers Who Enriched
The ceremony also noticed the efforts of esteemed guest trainers who added layers of wisdom and practical insights to the course. Brijesh Soni, Dhara Upadhyay, Sandip Kathiriya, and Dr Riddhish Joshi brought their industry experience and expertise to the table, enriching the learning experience for the students.

As we celebrate this 19th Certificate Distribution Ceremony, we recognise not just the end of a program but the beginning of a new chapter for these professionals. Armed with knowledge, experience, and a spirit of innovation, they are poised to make a mark in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Explore the Future
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