iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Agency in Surat signed MoU to empower female students

iVIPANAN signed MoU with Vanita Vishram Women’s University to empower female students

Surat, [9 August 2023] – iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services, a pioneering name in the field of Digital Marketing in Surat, proudly announces signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vanita Vishram Women’s University based in Surat.

The university is an esteemed institution dedicated to empowering young women through education. This strategic relationship is based on “Empowering female students” in the digital age and raising awareness about digital marketing.

This MoU was signed in the presence of representatives from both sides. From iVIPANAN, founders Bhautik Sheth and Shruti Sheth and SEO Manager Divya Mistry remained present. From VVWU, the University Provost, Dr Daxesh Thaker, T & Dr. Vijay Radadiya, Dr Abhilasha Agarwal (Principal, School of Commerce and Business Management), other faculty members, placement coordinators and students were present.

The MoU marks a significant milestone in the ongoing commitment of iVIPANAN and Vanita Vishram Women’s University to create transformative educational experiences. This documented agreement manifests their shared dedication, with a distinct focus on fostering comprehensive skill development among students, equipping them to emerge as proficient and accomplished professionals.

The MoU focuses on covering essential aspects such as providing students with the latest digital marketing essentials, leadership skills, various opportunities, and comprehensive growth in the digital marketing field. It is the 8th academic MoU signed by the company. The other 7 MoUs signed are with S.R. Luthra Institute of Management, Metas of Seventh Day Adventist College, Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce, B.V. Patel Institute of Management, Niken Academy, Amazon Digital Kendra, and South Gujarat Productivity Council (SGPC).

Both iVIPANAN and Vanita Vishram Women’s University share a vision of nurturing strong, empowered individuals prepared to excel in their chosen fields. By joining forces, they intend to elevate the educational experience for students, enabling them to embrace opportunities, overcome challenges, and shape a promising future.

Bhautik Sheth, Founder of iVIPANAN, said, “We are delighted to form this strategic alliance with Vanita Vishram Women’s University, a prestigious institution dedicated to educating and empowering young women.

We believe in the transformative potential of education and technology at iVIPANAN, and this MoU is an important step towards realising our shared mission. By working together, we can give students innovative digital learning solutions beyond traditional boundaries, fostering an environment where knowledge knows no bounds. By providing cutting-edge tools and resources to VVWU students, we seek to inspire them to forge new routes, break down boundaries, and lead with unshakeable confidence in today’s digital age.”

Shruti Sheth added, “This MoU symbolises our shared commitment to ‘Empowering Women’ in the digital age and raising knowledge of the dynamic sector of digital marketing. This strategic alliance is evidence of our shared goal of supporting broad skill development and giving our students access to cutting-edge digital marketing fundamentals, leadership abilities, and a wide range of career prospects. We want to dismantle established barriers, spark creativity, and open the door to boundless knowledge by leveraging the transformative potential of education and technology. Together, we can create a future where empowered people command steadfast confidence in the digital sphere.”

Dr Abhilasha Agarwal, Principal of the School of Commerce and Business Management, said, “This collaboration with iVIPANAN marks a momentous occasion for Vanita Vishram Women’s University, which has always been at the forefront of championing women’s education. We feel honoured to be working with iVIPANAN to usher in a new era of education for our children.

Through this MoU, we aim to enrich our student’s academic journey with the latest advancements in digital education, opening doors to endless possibilities and equipping them to excel in the modern world.”

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