iVIPANAN wins social media mandate for QSR chain- Gita's Fast Food.

iVIPANAN wins the Social Media mandate for QSR Chain Gita’s Fast Food

iVIPANAN has entered into an execution partnership for social media marketing with Gita’s Fast Food, a QSR brand from Surat.

Gita’s Fast Food is the ideal destination for convenient and tasty dishes. The brand has over eight outlets in Surat City. They not only make food taste good but also serve the order in a matter of minutes.

IVIPANAN, a leader in digital marketing, is set to leverage its expertise to benefit Gita’s Fast Food. Strategies include enhancing the brand’s social media presence and devising content strategies to give it an edge in the competitive fast food QSR market.

Last year, iVIPANAN introduced LITE services, focusing on local and small businesses that want a significant presence on social media. LITE provides different service options to business owners, catering to their needs and budgets.

This mandate will help the brand reach the right audience through social media content execution, boost foot traffic in the outlets, and generate leads for its QSR outlets in a highly competitive market.

Gita’s Fast Food owner, Shrutik Patel, commented, “Knowing the market, we have decided to grow digitally and are excited to embark on this journey with iVIPANAN. We are certain that their expertise and digital strategies will help us grow and sustain our business.”

Bhautik Sheth, the co-founder of iVIPANAN, stated, “Our iVIPANAN LITE team is ready to serve Gita’s Fast Food with social media marketing services. We will create and implement the strategies that help Gita’s Fast Food, a budding QSR chain, grow.”

Isha Modi, the Principal Consultant at iVIPANAN, added, “Our main objective is to grow and sustain the QSR brand in this market by creating and executing our social media strategies.”

iVIPANAN has provided marketing consultation, services, and training since 2014. The company has helped grow over 115 businesses globally to date. The company is headquartered in Surat and has an extended presence in Canada.