7 Ways to Avoid Being Cheated for Digital Marketing Course

7 Ways to Avoid Being Cheated for Digital Marketing Course

While we are approaching 2020, every single day keeps reminding me of 2013-14 when Digital Marketing was yet a ‘word’ that most of the people were unaware of. If you still go back a couple of years more like 2008-09, people were absolutely alien to this word. Suddenly now a lot of people have jumped into this field as a trainer and consultant. From the industry’s perspective, this is a very good sign but scary too! While many young professionals are interested in learning this subject, they feel cheated after completing the course. So what to take care of before opting for best digital marketing institute in your city? Here are some tips for you to avoid being cheated for digital marketing course.

1. Check the experience of the trainer: The most important though most ignored parameter. Specifically, in tier-2 cities of India, this becomes the utmost requirement to know by the learners. Why in tier-2 cities? A couple of years ago no one in these cities was demanding for digital marketing services neither trainers were providing training. Learning from an inexperienced trainer will never add any value to your learning. If the trainer has never passed from the complexity of digital marketing, he/she can never give you exposure.

2. Is a trainer practitioner too?: So from whom you really want to learn? From a person who reads the blogs and trains you, the one who has passed some online courses and started own course, the one who has just completed own training from somewhere and started own, or from the one who is a practitioner him/herself from last many years and trained thousands of people!? It is so easy to read blogs of foreign experts, make a presentation and then go out and train the laymen of this field. If the trainer is not a practitioner, you will never get to know the solutions of real-life live projects.

3. Understand the contents of the training program: Don’t get carried away by points highlighted in the program content. You might not understand if a single topic is divided into multiple topics to show the depth of the program and then served to you in a brochure. Don’t get misguided by looking at ‘number’ of topics. Try to understand what the trainer is going to cover in those topics.

4. What after completion of the course?: Here you will win! Digital Marketing is a technology-based marketing concept and we all know that technology keeps changing. What you are going to learn today will obsolete tomorrow. How your trainer will continuously train you in the future should be your concern. If there is adigital marketing community, it will be a great help to you.

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5. Will you be able to work on the LIVE project?: If learning doesn’t come with practicing on the LIVE projects then the learning has no real life challenges involved. The trainer must offer you to work on any LIVE project for a couple of months so that you can solve real-life issues in this field. Make sure you must ask to work on LIVE projects of Digital Marketing under the guidance of a trainer or his/her team.

6. Does the trainer has a team to guide?: Most of the individual trainers don’t have any assistance in the form of a team. You cannot expect your trainer to help you all the time. There has to be the second line of trainers who are always available to help you. And make sure, the second line of trainers must be practitioners too!

7. You need a motivator in the form of a trainer: Digital Marketing is a very challenging field. If your trainer is not a motivator, you may feel down and out of place most of the time. Find a person who is technically strong, who has a great experience in the field of marketing and also a motivator!

Make sure you select the right digital marketing course, right digital marketing institute and right digital marketing trainer to kick-start your journey in this industry. Stay away from misguiding information. Check the background of the institute, trainer’s profile, learn about past trainees and their current profile. These will surely help you make the right decision!!

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