Life Beyond Digital: Keeping You a Bit Away from Digital Everyday

Life Beyond Digital: Keeping You a Bit Away from Digital Everyday

The life of a digital marketer is not so easy. That too if you work in a digital agency, life becomes harder. Still, we at iVIPANAN enjoy every bit of what we do here for our clients.

We keep trying to complete our daily tasks during office time but still, we end up stretching our day. We try to keep ourselves healthy and fit but find it difficult. We also buy computer glass but forget to wear it at the time of work.

We all need to give some rest to our eyes. We decide to do so but are not able to detach ourselves from the computer and mobile screens.

We have observed this thing and were thinking to find its solution. As our work is not possible without seeing at the screen we cannot do much to it. But wait, we can do ‘something’ for this!

From 1st February 2022, we are introducing “Life beyond digital”. We want you to keep yourself away from the screen for 15 minutes daily. Every day from 4 PM to 4.15 PM we will shut down our computers and put mobile aside. These 15 minutes you are allowed to do anything other than stare at any type of screen.

We want you to talk to each other for 15 minutes. Talk about anything other than clients, marketing, and digital. You can also take a power nap if you want. Do anything you want but just do not use a computer or mobile 🙂

We earn from digital. We make our name from digital but we also have a life beyond digital!

Shruti Sheth

31 January 2022.