Monthly Menstrual Cycle Paid Leave – People First Policy by iVIPANAN

iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services is known for two major reasons – company culture and the majority of female employees in the company. We are a policy-driven small-scale organization that believes in People First policy. In the process of giving a more healthy and happy working environment, we are announcing a monthly menstrual cycle paid leave for all our female team members from today.

We keep thinking about how can we give more comfort to our team, how can we make the working environment human-friendly, how can we make the working environment healthy and friendly.

Since October 2014 – the company’s inception – we have tried our best to give more freedom to our team members. Even during the recent lockdown in India, we made sure that our team members did not suffer working from home.

We just got to know about the menstrual leave policy applied by Zomato in India on 8th August 2020. As soon as we got this news, we circulated a policy update email to our team members on Sunday 9th August evening announcing the leave policy update.

We understand the amount of discomfort faced by female team members during their periods. Work stress and the office environment can play a vital role in increasing their pain and discomfort.

Our new leave policy is a female-centric policy. Implemented with an immediate effect, now any female team member of iVIPANAN is eligible to take 1 paid leave per month during their menstrual cycle.

It means they will get 12 paid leaves per year, one per month. Taking leave or skipping it is solely their decision. If they don’t want to take leave, then they can opt to work from home for 1 day every month during periods. They only have to plan their work to ensure that it doesn’t suffer.

With this policy implementation, iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services might have become the first organization of any size in Gujarat to offer paid menstrual leave per month for female employees.

Girls of iVIPANAN

We hope that the kind of initiative taken by Zomato will reach out to all the organizations in India. Like Zomato, other organizations can also limit their paid menstrual leaves to 10 per year.

Periods are seen as taboo in Indian society. Even in 2020, females working in organizations will feel uncomfortable taking pads with them to the washroom during menstrual days.

Female workers become conscious of taking a bag, purse, and plastic bag in their hands while going to the washroom. Male counterparts are still curious to see this happen. We want to break this stigma. We want to send a strong message to all the small businesses in India to understand the biological differences between males and females.

We want to pass a message to society that every woman has an equal right to work and make her career. Our She the Power has already working in that direction for the last 2 and a half years now.

iVIPANAN has a small team of 9 people out of which 8 are female. That again sends a strong message to society about how females can run an organization.

We hope this sends a positive message in the era of Covid19. We wish to see more gender equality in organizations.

Bhautik Sheth, Founder – iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services (10th August 2020)

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