Surat Diamond Bourse

The Global Hub of Diamond Trade – Surat Diamond Bourse

Surat, the Diamond City situated on the banks of the Tapi River, has a longstanding association with the sparkle of diamonds.

This vibrant city has earned its reputation as a hub for natural and lab-grown diamond manufacturing and exporting, making significant strides in infrastructure and commerce.

The Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), which Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated in December 2023, is now acting as its centrepiece. It is the largest office complex in the world, located in Khajod village, near Surat city.

Diamond City Legacy

Surat’s legacy as the Diamond City is rooted in the city’s rich diamond-cutting and polishing history. The Diamond City handles approximately 90% of the globe’s raw diamonds. The diamonds are processed before they reach buyers in the US and China.

The craftsmanship of the artisans has contributed to their global recognition as a significant player in the diamond industry. The glimmering diamonds from Surat continue to adorn jewellery worldwide, showcasing the city’s commitment to precision and quality.

narendra modi inaugurated surat diamond bourse
SDB inauguration (Image Credit: DiamondWorld)

Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) Building

The most recent jewel in Surat’s crown is the Surat Diamond Bourse. This state-of-the-art facility symbolises the city’s dedication to modernising its diamond trading infrastructure.

The new bourse seeks to consolidate the industry within a single facility. It is in the Diamond Research and Mercantile City (DREAM City). This 810-hectare business district in Surat is designed after the Gujarat International Finance Tec City (Gift City).

With cutting-edge technology and world-class amenities, the SDB is set to elevate Surat’s status in the global diamond market. Under the leadership of Surat’s diamond stalwarts, the primary objectives include promoting imports, exports, and trading of natural and lab-grown diamonds, Gems and Jewellery.

It provides top-notch infrastructure and advances the Gems and Jewellery industry. As the crown jewel of Surat, the SDB reflects the city’s heritage. It points towards a future where Surat continues to shine brightly in the world of diamonds.

Everything you want to know about Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB)

 Industry-Oriented Objectives

The Diamond Bourse has a clear vision: to propel India into a modern and sophisticated diamond market. Its objectives are far-reaching and industry-focused:

Global Connectivity

SDB‘s mission is to facilitate the international diamond trade. It fosters a seamless global connection by providing cutting-edge infrastructure for the diamond, gems, and jewellery industries.

The bourse acts as a melting pot for diverse talents and ideas, fostering collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

Infrastructure Excellence

With 67 lakh square feet of floor area and 4,500 offices, it creates a vibrant space for collaboration between national and international traders. Its primary goal is to enhance the efficiency of diamond manufacturing and trading organisations.

The facility’s connectivity transcends geographical boundaries, making it a pivotal player in the global diamond market.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Beyond its grandeur, the SDB adopts a green building concept, achieving Platinum-rated status from the Indian Green Building Council. The architectural design prioritises energy efficiency, optimal sunlight utilisation, and a harmonious balance with nature.

The facility sets a new standard with microclimate control, solar efficiency, and advanced wind analysis. Its commitment to energy performance establishes a benchmark for environmentally conscious commercial spaces.

Architectural Ingenuity

The SDB’s architectural prowess extends beyond its sheer size. It embraces ecological integrity and sustainability, among other features. From the “Al-Fresco & Meeting Area” to the “Recreational Zone,” the Surat Diamond Bourse prioritises business in a holistic work environment.

The facilities ensure an effective and secure working space with cutting-edge security and surveillance. The Surat Diamond Bourse combines a compelling environmental idea with high-density commercial construction. 

Central Government’s Support and PM’s Perspective

During the inauguration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the SDB as more than just another structure. He emphasised its significance in shifting the diamond trading hub to Surat, showcasing the city’s economic prowess on a global scale. The central government’s backing of this venture underscores its commitment to fostering growth in the diamond industry.

“One more diamond has been added to Surat’s magnificence. The enormous diamond being revealed today has made all the highest skyscrapers in the world seem unappealing,” said the PM.

Optimistic Facets of the Diamond Industry

The Surat Diamond Bourse is more than a building; it symbolises India’s dominance in the diamond trade. Committing to ethical practices, global connectivity, and government support, it stands as a beacon for the industry’s positive evolution. As the diamond industry continues to sparkle, it remains at its forefront, shaping the future of the global diamond trade.

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