6th ‘Social Media Day Gujarat’ event by iVIPANAN

The massive ‘Social Media Day Gujarat’ event is happening for the 6th time

The advent of social media has brought about a staggering change in how one markets their business. The covid-19 pandemic has drastically affected business whether big or small. The never once thought about marketing playground- Social Media, has turned into an arena for business, B2B and B2C alike.

In 2010, Mashable for the first time ever announced 30th June as the global Social Media Day. The motto was to sensitize the general public on the boons of Social Media.

Standing up to this initiative, we started our own celebrations embodying 30th June as ‘Social Media Day Surat’. Being the pioneers of digital marketing in Southern Gujarat since 2014, we embarked upon the celebratory journey in the year 2016. Since then, we have religiously celebrated every year in our own exceptionally educative way.

Social Media Day 2016

Social Media Day Gujarat 2017

Social Media Day Gujarat 2018

Social Media Day Gujarat 2019

Bhautik Sheth, the founder of iVIPANAN, and the sole brains behind the Gujarat-led initiative wanted to help people realize how social media is a blessing for businesses.

For the 6th consecutive year, iVIPANAN is coming again for the yearly celebrations. Similar to the previous year, Social Media Day 2021 will be an online ZOOM session. The topic is “Driving growth through social media and SEO strategies”.

This year, we are not limiting our celebration to Surat only. We are leading the entire state of Gujarat. We are moving ahead this year with an associate from Ahmedabad. Prosmit is a leading ad agency based in Ahmedabad. Along with them, this event is going to represent the celebration of digital marketing enthusiasts of Gujarat.

For this year’s panel discussion, our 4 incredible panelists are set to empower the masses. Through their industry-leading knowledge, they shall enlighten us on how to do business online.

Why attend our Social Media Day 2021 flagship event?

  • Expert Speakers:

Learn from the champions of the digital marketing field. Our panelists are:

Bhautik Sheth: Digital Marketing trainer, consultant & Founder of iVIPANAN

Himani Kankaria: Content-driven Marketing Consultant & eCommerce Content Strategist at eComKeeda

Amish Shah: Founder of SMIT Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

Parth Suba: SEO lead at InVideo

  • Revised Outlook:

Change how you perceive the digital platforms for marketing. Our speakers will inculcate newer marketing hacks that shall change your business game forever.

  • Strategic Planning:

With seasoned digital marketing knowledge, construct a game-changing campaign for your business with comprehensive strategies.

  • Big Picture Thinking:

Through new profound knowledge learn how social media can drive your business growth by helping you reach your potential customers.

  • New Connections:

Pursue your digital goals by connecting with like-minded people who will help you develop growth strategies.

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