Zero unpaid leaves for people working at iVIPANAN for more than 5 years

Zero unpaid leaves for people working at iVIPANAN for more than 5 years

Today on 1st December 2021, we are declaring a zero unpaid leave policy for those who are working at iVIPANAN for more than 5 years.

This policy will come into effect from 1st January 2022. All those team members who have completed 5 years at iVIPANAN after 1st September 2016 will be included under this policy. They will enjoy 100% paid leaves – forever.

According to this, a team member is excluded from CL/ML. They just need to give the reason for going on leave to the immediate reporting authority. Each leave will be a paid one throughout the year. Freelancers and part-timers are excluded from the benefit of this policy.

The leave application and approval process and maternity leave policy will remain the same.

We are quite aware of the misuse of this policy but we are confident and we trust our team members. This trust was built strongly after we declared paid period leave policy last year in August.

We had a doubt of misuse of the policy even then but after a year, we are quite happy and satisfied that our team has not taken undue advantage of the policy. To our surprise, not more than 5 paid leave in total was taken during a year,

“Decision to implement this policy was not so difficult that may look like to many people. Spending 5+ years in any organization in today’s era is quite a big deal. The young generation believes in variety and change in the company they work for. If someone gives 5 important years of his/her life and career, I think a business should think beyond typical appreciation, appraisal, and perks. We believe that this policy will not be misused by our teammates as they also understand that any undue leaves will affect their own work. We just want to make them feel like important stakeholders of the company.” – Bhautik Sheth, founder of iVIPANAN.


If teammates are ever going to take undue advantage of this, we will sit with them and talk. I think the best way is to make them feel their importance in the company. We strongly believe that any responsible professional would never take this for granted.

We have no idea if any such policy was ever introduced by any organization in Gujarat or anywhere in India. We hope this sends a strong message to other businesses to think a little more for their loyal teammates. We are into the 8th year of our existence and we are trying to give more ‘ownership’ feeling to our people.

Shruti Sheth, Co-founder – iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services (1 December 2021)